Facebook’s Efforts to Integrate Safety Checks to Leave a Positive Hand Print on the World

Pitched by some Japanese engineers, the idea of Safety Check on Facebook took its shape soon after the Ruby Typhoon, sweeping off the entire Philippines.

Marcy Scout Lynn who is the Director of Global Impact Partnerships has worked real hard with her team to activate the Safety Check after collecting information necessary to predict that the Typhoon will soon hit the region. It was the collective effort of Lynn and her team to put forward the idea of “Safety Check” on Facebook that was soon loved by many people.

Since its inception, Safety Check on Facebook has been activated for more than 1,400 crises. Lynn has mentioned it that humanitarian help was necessary in this regard and it can help Facebook to turn into a force of good.

Moving from disasters, Facebook has now introduced safety checks for disasters that were human driven. For instance, safety check was introduced by Facebook during the terror attacks of 2015 in Paris, France. Lynn is of this view that these efforts are not done by one man but an entire team and she believes that outside sources have been extremely helpful in this regard.

Lynn told Business Insider that her team is new and is continuously working on improving the handprint of Facebook throughout the world. She has mentioned that they are increasing their ties with Unicef and other humanitarian organizations to collect data.

Facebook has faced significant criticism in the past and is trying to address it effectively. Lynn also mentioned that Facebook is aimed to develop disease prevention maps to help the medical officials gain insight into the population density of African continent in order to provide help to them.

The population density of this region will be divided into elderly and women to help the medical officials reach out to the people during disease outbreaks or natural disasters.

These maps were made with the special help of United Nations, which also led the Facebook to become a member of 2030 Vision. The aim of 2030 Vision is to deliver the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals that were formulated in 2015.

Lynn has mentioned that Facebook is continuously thriving to take the role of a humanitarian in the future. She hopes that Facebook will find more ways to improve their handprint on the world.

Currently small projects are being driven under the supervision of Lynn and they are being checked.

Lynn believes that despite these efforts, the most important step for Facebook will be the Vision 2030 that will help Facebook gain the handprint they are aiming to achieve.

A Facebook executive says the origins of its crises response feature shows why the the social network is not as evil as people think

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