Google Chrome will soon allow users to manually edit saved passwords on Android

Chrome and Google Accounts work simultaneously when it comes to securing information like passwords and even payment data. However, users find it quite difficult to add and edit passwords saved in Chrome.

Luckily, this may be changing soon as Google will finally allow users to manually edit the saved passwords in Chrome for Android. Currently, the feature is in its initial stages of development and the company has not yet much information regarding the update except the flag used to enable it.

As of now, Google plans to implement password editing on Chrome for Android users first while desktop and iOS updates will soon follow. However, the company has not yet stated a timeline for the new feature.

According to the Bug Tracker, Google has tried to make Chrome passwords editable at least twice before – first in 2014 and again at the start of this year. Both of the times, Google plans did not work out as intended and the tech giant had to drop the project. Hopefully, it will be followed through this time but we can’t say anything definite until the update lands on Chrome for Android in the next few months.

In the meantime, users can edit passwords of their Google Account through the Google Password Manager. With passwords sync enabled, any changes made on Google will be replicated on Chrome as well.

Google Chrome will soon allow users to manually edit saved passwords on Android
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