Internet Users Aren’t Doing Enough to Prevent Misuse of Their Data

The world in general has reached a consensus that our data is really not being used all that fairly. Hence, we are becoming more prone to trying to criticize tech companies a wide variety of ways. However, the graph below which has been provided using statistics collected and compiled by Statista has shown that there is a distinct gap between the people that are concerned about their data misused and the level of care that these people might be taking in trying to make the most of protecting their data in the first place.

The fact of the matter is that a lot of respondents from most countries tend to worry at least to a certain extent that their data is not being used in the most wholesome way possible. Hence, these people are starting to worry that they are not getting the kind of internet experience - in terms of privacy - that they feel they deserve. The fact of the matter is that at least one out of every three respondents felt like their data was at risk, and in some countries the number went up to higher than fifty percent.

However, the number of people that are actively taking steps to protect their data is considerably lower than that of the number of people that are worried about data misuse by companies. While one can’t put all of the blame on the users because of the fact that companies are more responsible for the manner in which they collect and analyze specific kinds of data, this does not absolve the users for not doing enough. More people need to actively protect their data while they are using the internet.

Many internet users are concerned about data misusage, but not all of them take active measures

The above chart shows the share of respondents that are concerned about data misuse on the internet and compares it to to those who take active measure to protect their information.

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