Twitter Executive Said Many of the Things Considered Abusive by Some are not Necessarily Against the Platform's Policies

Twitter executive, Kayvon Beykpour admitted that what many people consider abusive might not be against the policies of the platform, as what one person finds abusive may not be abusive for another.

The product lead at Twitter, Beykpour shared his views at Recode’s Code Conference’s first day, held in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Many Twitter users have experienced abuse and are tired of it. Social media platforms should prevail in a welcoming environment for all rather than promoting white supremacists, neo-Nazis and other similar ideologies that only cause harm.

Beykpour said that as a company and product, they had to de-amplify content which did not require to be amplified.

The point is how anyone can benefit from it when Twitter makes a value judgment and hide content instead of removing it and later insist that they are not in favor of making a value judgment.

Vijaya Gadde, a lead counsel at Twitter was also part of the discussion and talked about Twitter as a radicalization machine. However, her opinion on the stringent policies of Twitter was different than Beykpour.

Gadde said that all platforms including Twitter has radicalized content, but to fight it, the platform has several effective policies.

Gadde shared about the 1.6 million accounts that were taken down from Twitter due to terrorism on the platform. 90% of these were identified by the AI system of social networking sites, without any report from other users.

The platform is also getting rid of Nazis and 110 violent extremists groups were removed from the platform. More than 90% of these groups belonged to white supremacist or white nationalists groups like the American Nazi party, the Proud Boys, the KKK, etc.

Even the platform said it removed extremists groups from the platform, but their leaders and members are still on it. Though Gadde claimed during the discussion that even members are permitted to be part of the networking site.

Many other insights were also shared at the Code Conference. Twitter had almost 1.5 billion brute passwords guessing in a day and now this number has reduced to 600,000 attempts in a day. Despite this, the platform needs to take extremism seriously and implement a required action against it.

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