Does Using Homework Help Constitute Cheating?

The parents and teachers of students today like talking about how challenging it was for them to do research for their homework, research papers, and projects. They had to visit the library or talk to real professionals just to get the answers to their questions. These days, all students need to do is make a quick search on Google to find the information they need. Students, however, may still struggle with their homework even with all the digital tools in their arsenal. This begs the question: is it cheating if students hire help for their homework?

Since students have access to a wide variety of information online, the line that separates cheating and learning is getting blurrier. Some say that finding answers to homework questions online is already considered cheating as it isn't any different from asking classmates for help. On the flip side, this also isn't any different from reading books or asking teachers to gain a better understanding of the topic. There's also the fact that professors aren't always available to answer any questions from students, leaving them with little to no choice but to turn to the internet for assistance.

Seeking help from parents doesn't always work, too. Even if they had good grades during their school-days, they may no longer have the math skills to help students solve a complicated calculus assignment or mind-boggling physics homework. In such a case, students can cheat legally so they won't end up getting stuck and wasting precious time.

Hiring homework help is akin to getting help from teachers. Most instructors nowadays understand that digital homework helpers are widely available and that these tools can supplement their students' learning. Sure, simply copying the answers won't be of much help. But most of the students rely on these tools to help them progress through their lessons and understand complex topics so they know what to do the next time they encounter them.

It's strange that many people still frown upon this practice, but they don't employ the same thinking when it comes to students using Google. There's not much difference between the two. In most cases, having a real professional to help students with their homework proves a far better choice. This is for the simple reason that they will receive an explanation on how to arrive at the answer. They won't be spoon-fed, thus allowing them to actually learn just like they would in a classroom setting.

The older folks may be right in saying that the current generation of students has it much easier than they did, but the mere fact of hiring online homework help shouldn't be regarded as cheating. Assignment Expert, for instance, allows students to submit their homework and they will find the right expert accordingly. This ensures that the student receives the best help possible while getting a thorough explanation of how to solve the problem. This type of learning can hold the key to understanding complex concepts and improving problem-solving skills, helping students enjoy a much smoother path toward a diploma.

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