Apple is by enabling developers to add a "sign up with apple" button to protect your privacy

Apple has come up with a new idea to stop all the third party websites and online services from receiving your information when you sign up to an application.

Most of the time, developers provide users with the option to sign in by one-click/tap, using the information already served in from Facebook, Google, Twitter or third-party services.

Apple's software engineering chief Craig Federighi said that this can be a comfortable way but, it can also put your privacy at risk as your private info is shared sometimes without any verification, and these logins can be used to follow you.

Apple is thinking to change the game by enabling developers to add a sign up with apple option instead of using any other platform.

According to Apple, the difference is that it can verify a user by Face ID on their iPhone without giving away any personal information of its user to third-party websites or services.

Craig Federighi said the users will be able to create a new account on an application using the company's one-click button, without giving any private data.

Federighi also said that if you wish, you can still provide your information when applications ask for the name and email address, but you don't need to fill in the form with your real email address because of privacy reasons, Apple will create a random email address (e.g: that will not reveal your original email address.

Federighi noted that it's good new as everyone gets a unique random email address and this indicates you could disable any one of them whenever you want.

Second phase testing will start later this year.

Questioned are already raised about how Apple will attract developers into applying its sign up with apple option, considering that they would be losing out on potential advertising and marketing data.

Apple stated that the option would be obliged to be added for applications that maintain third-party logins.

Apple announces web login feature in privacy challenge to Google and Facebook
Photo: Apple

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