Huawei's Operating System Might Replace Android For Good

Before we dive into the details of how can it be possible, let’s go back to 2012 where building their own operating system to overcome the dependency on Android was a long due plan of Huawei.

It all started with ArkOS, the first prototype of Huawei’s own operating system, which was kept confidential and under strict security for years. While the company has lately been pretty vocal about it, especially in their claims that they have worked on it for years in order to introduce an ecosystem of their own to the world, the tactic seems more like a blessing in disguise for them in the current technological trade war with the United States.

As a consumer, you all are right on your part knowing that Google will no longer provide updates on your current smartphones but all is certainly not dark. You may have even heard that UK cancelled Huawei’s contract for introducing the lineup of 5G phones. However, this all is just temporary.

In a matter of time, the world’s second largest smartphone maker is going to introduce Hongmeng OS and Huawei Oak OS to the world - two separate versions, one for China and the other for other regions respectively. It’s going to be 60% faster than Android and according to recent reports, it is much more than Android’s replacements.

The fact that Huawei has waited long enough for the release, you all should get ready for a next generation software that is going to be based on 5G, artificial intelligence and autonomous self driving vehicles. Moreover, they even have developed a smart strategy to deal with the major issue - Google’s services and Play Store.

The latest screenshot of the operating system shows signs of Android Green Alliance Standard. That doesn’t mean it Android, instead this makes the operating system compatible to all Android apps except for the ones that Google offers as a part of their services. By doing so, they can also guide the developers to update their apps on Huawei App Gallery - the expected app store of Huawei’s operating system. Hence, as taking into account the number of smartphones Huawei has sold around the world, no tech company would dare to miss out on such an opportunity.

But that’s not all. Other smartphone companies like Oppo, Vivo and Mi Xiaomi are already looking forward to try out Hongmeng OS and if the response turns out to be great, you can expect Huawei’s Oak OS to be present on one third of smartphones around the world.

If we go by the promise of Huawei’s CEO and other senior executives, then the new operating system will come out this fall. So, as one may think the pressure is on Huawei to release it as soon as possible, Google wouldn’t want this to happen as they currently dominate the smartphone market after iOS.

Nevertheless, we are in for a massive step up in technology and this time Huawei might just take all the credit for it.

Photo: Huawei

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  1. Sweet 😍 was expecting someone to beat the monopoly of android

  2. Nokia + Microsoft can not Pass the exam . Dont Forget it.
    Huawei will not pass the exam .... time will say

  3. Google is going to be the BIG loser here. Hauwei will likely launch their own OS, regardless of the outcome of the trade talk. Who can blame them? Who wants to live with the threat of being cut off from the OS again? The transition to a new OS is a one time pain, whenever they choose to do it. Might as well be now, from their perspective. Other Chinese manufacturers will likely switch to it too if Hauwei's OS does well.

    After that, there will be no reason for Samsung to not make their own OS. The only advantage provided by a google led android OS ecosystem is some semblance of cohesion and continuity. But if half the manufacturers move on to another os. other people will see no reason to stick around.

  4. Huawei is smart. Never trust and rely on the US. Don't let them monopolise any technology. Don't let them blackmail.

  5. I love it when arms race accelerates innovation yet again!

  6. Huawei will be able to match Google in every aspect.

  7. It can't compete with Android

  8. I would love to see this happen...

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