Google Search Has Become More Advance for Desktop Users with Addition of Unique Features

Innovation has always been a core part of Google, the tech giant like to provide better services by improving their design. As a part of this innovation, Google search started testing the material theme, this theme was designed to add more colors, icons and make things more interesting for the users. Previously the use of grey and white was giving Google an effect of newspaper with crowded words and numbers. With the help of this theme, Google introduced a new design for its search bar. Now the search bar is no longer a rectangular bar instead it is designed in the form of a capsule. Right now this version of Google with the material theme is available in the desktop version however, this will obviously soon be available in smartphones too.

Just below the search bar there are different search filters, these search filters were previously just plain grey texts but now they have icons. These search filters include “All” with a clean search glass decorated with Google colors along with rest of the options like News, Videos, Maps, Image, shopping, books, flights, personal and finances. With the help of these icons, Google is trying to make the whole browsing process more fun by adding colors. Categories and then arranged according to their relevance with the keyword that the user is trying to search, there is a small option of more that has a drop-down once the user clicks the option. The more option has three small dots and the drop-down has further options for the users to explore.

Personal tab is another handy filter that can be used to directly search your browsing history and relevant Gmail messages/email, right from Google search. Google clarifies that all the results in Personal search filter are private and "Only you (a logged in user) can see these results".

Google adds Personalizes Search Results

Although these changes might not excite the active users who are regularly using Google for their work but this changing will make the use more fun for the new users especially for kids and teenagers.

Overall from a layman’s point of view, the material design theme is easier, more interesting and with the touch of color the overall look has changed from stuffy and text-heavy page to fun and creative. This material theme has been in the test process for a few weeks now but Google has finally rolled this feature out widely on the 13th of June for all users. For phones, however, this idea might seem farfetched because of the small space, but as for now, more users are excited about the update.

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