Google is developing a dark mode for Discover and Search app

Back in April, Google was spotted, developing a dark mode for its app.

Now, from this Friday, the new design for Discover and Google Search is starting to roll out for some users running the beta version.

When installed in your device, you can enable dark mode by going to: Settings > General a Dark theme menu will appear on the list.

Enable dark theme/mode by selecting, Never, Follow system setting or Always.

The Google application dark version starts on the main Discover tab, where shades of grey replace the white background instead of black AMOLED screen.
"It's in the new update of Google App Beta (v, which downloaded today - at least for me (Canada). If you have Dark Theme enabled you don't need to toggle it on for Google App - it's automatic.", explained a user in a Reddit thread.
The Logo of Google is white instead of four different colors and outline of the search bar is grey.

Cards and the Discover feed are of the same theme, whereas the bottom bar consists of a dark background with faint grey icons and text labels.

All the other tabs and settings are also dark colored in this theme.

The most noticeable effect of this dark mode is in Google Search as everything is colored grey.

Search results are a bit lighter in the background, whereas the Headlines/page has a darker shade of blue, and the text is dark grey.

The Google Assistant, the new Updates tab and all other similar settings have the dark theme.

Google is testing a dark mode for Search and Discover App
Screenshot: AwkwardAmeba / Reddit

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