Google Discover’s Feed Receives New Design Look with the Removal of Topic Bubble

After September 2018, Google Discover gets a prominent modification as topic bubbles at the top of every card are removed, to make the feed more clear and condensed.

On June 3rd, Google released an update for Discover feed that removed the topic bubble. Now the space between cards has been reduced. As the cards have squeezed in and are arranged on top of each other, there is a space for more stories to appear on a page, as per the original Feed design.

Topic bubble in Discover let users know about the subject or interest the story belongs to. When the Discover’s asterisk logo with the same colors at Google, at the top-left corner was clicked, more stories related to that particular subject/story were showed.

With this, the indicators have been put aside and the overflow menu from the top-left corner to lower-right is also removed. From here users can still know about the subject of the card, follow or ban the topic, hide card or block website.

Along with this, prompts as “in case you missed it” have been placed a little above the headline of the story.

According to 9to5Google, the server-side update of Google Discover was rolled out to all the Google app version this Monday.

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