Google and Cloudflare join hands to find the best post-quantum algorithm

Quantum computing is anticipated. However, when it commercializes, it can change the face of the technology and its security protocols that we use today.

Now, an Internet infrastructure company, Cloudflare has joined an effort to come up with new “post-quantum” algorithms that will enhance today’s security protections.

Cloudflare is currently testing new methods in collaboration with Google Chrome to determine the practices most suitable for the real world. It recently released an open-source software package called CIRCL – the Cloudflare Interoperable Reusable Cryptographic Library that would allow anyone to evaluate the post-quantum encryption progress.

The moves will not fix internet encryption but will enhance the privacy and security on the World Wide Web after the implementation of quantum.

Cloudflare also has plans to quantum-proof TLS, the encryption technology previously called the SSL. This technology was used to provide a secure connection between web browsers and the server hosting the website.

An old-trending idea called the Shor’s algorithm reveals that quantum computers do have the ability to crack today’s encryption methods. The US National Institute of Standards and Technology is also speeding up their efforts to come up with a replacement algorithm that foul proofs the quantum technology.

The team at Google Chrome has been studying the post-quantum security for years and has narrowed down a few options to minimize its effect. Let’s wait to see how both – Google and Cloudflare find the best post-quantum encryption algorithm.

Photo: Nick Summers / Engadget

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