Google Ups its Security Game! Introduces Deceptive URL Alerts to Chrome and an Extension for Reporting Insecure Sites!

Google is planning to introduce a new feature for warning users regarding sites that falsely show up as recently visited pages. In addition to that, a Google Chrome extension allowing users to report suspicious sites to Google’s Safe Browsing Team, is also in the works.

So starting with Chrome 75, users will be issued a warning when they come across a deceiving website trying to fool them through confusing URLs ( instead of Chrome Product Manager Emily Schechter confirmed it in a blog post on Chromium.

New Chrome Protections from Deception

Schechter further said that the warning will work in such a way that it will compare the URLs of the pages a user had recently visited from the ones they are planning to browse. In case both URLs are deemed “too similar” by Chrome, users will be alerted about it automatically and this will be their call to tread carefully.

Now coming to the new Chrome Extension, the reason behind its creation is to ensure the safety of web users while they are using the browser. Through the new extension, users will easily be able to report suspicious websites to Google’s Safe Browsing team.

Google Ups its Security Game! Introduces Deceptive URL Alerts to Chrome and an Extension for Reporting Insecure Sites!

Over the last 10 years, Google Safe Browsing (GSB) has prevented Chrome users from being subjected to phishing attacks, Schechter explained that GSB protects over 4 billion devices on a daily basis across multiple applications and browsers by alerting users before they access a suspicious site or download a deceptive file.

Upon a web page being reported by a user, other Chrome users as well as other browsers’ users with Safe Browsing API installed will be protected by Safe Browsing from the specific web page, given that the site is actually dangerous (concluded after evaluation).

Thus, this extension would play a big part in helping Google improve Secure Browsing as both security experts and users would be able to report suspicious stuff, through URL, screenshots etc.

In the end, Schechter said that a user doesn’t have to be a security expert to ensure their safety on the web and that many Chrome power-users intend on securing the web for themselves and the others.

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