Facebook Messenger Tests Pending Chats To Help Users Understand What's Spam And What's Not

Facebook is always on the go to make its platform simpler and more appealing to its users. This becomes even more evident with the latest feature in Facebook Messenger that unifies Message Requests and Filtered Messages in a new tab.

The new feature in Facebook Messenger will now show the messages from people you do not know or are not friends with on Facebook, into a new folder named Pending Chats. It will then be further categorized into two parts, “You May Know” and “Spam”.

Jane Manchun Wong, reverse engineering expert and app researcher revealed this new update on her Twitter account with screenshots to show how it will appear once the changes are implemented.

It is very common for social media users to receive spam or irrelevant messages. Some of them are extreme and often harass other people online.

Filtering out messages with the help of AI is a good way to keep users away from negativity, which can at times highly disturb mental health.

Facebook allows you to report such people and also block them so you do not receive any more messages from them.

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