Smartphones Are Replacing All the Other Electronic Gadgets in Our Daily Life

Most of our time is spent on the internet searching about things we want or looking for information but most of the time it’s just entertainment. Days are gone when people used to spend time on desktop computers to work on small tasks. After the introduction of the laptop, everyone soon switched because no one wants to stay close to a cord or switch all the time. With the laptop, everyone was introduced to portability but as time passed, mobile was introduced. Now, most of us just use our phones for everything, which includes editing documents, reading books, watching movies, using social media and even attending official meetings. Now, we have the whole world in our palm and we are oblivious of the fact how much time we usually spend on our phones.

On average it is estimated that normal American mobile users spend around 4 hours of their day on smartphones. This has grown immensely in last five years, which is fascinating. In fact, the report explains that the time most of us spend on our smartphones has increased around seven percent from last year and this number becomes even shocking compared to 2.7 hours, that we use to spend on our phones just around a decade ago. This obviously means that the time most of us used to spend on our computers and other digital media platforms have decreased however when it comes to connected devised the time has increased a little bit. Since the time spent on digital media has increased, this, however, has decreased the growth rate, which means so many of us are using internet and smartphones that now it is very difficult to bring the rest to the use these gadgets unless we come up with something very unique.

To prove that smartphones might replace everything in a few years, Mary Meeker the internet expert of the Bond Capital published a report about the internet trends that were followed in 2019. The report explained everything that users now days prefer, including the time that they spend on the internet, advertising money they are spending and the way marketing has been shaped because of these trends. The report explains that during the year 2010, only 0.5% of the money was spent on mobile advertisement and only 8% of the time was spent on mobile. However, the mobile users have shown immense growth and now by the year 2018 around a quarter of the day is spent on the mobile by most users and third of the ad dollars are spent on the mobile ads. Moreover, companies like Google are also preferring the mobile version of the websites as compared to their desktop counter parts as an effort to attract more people.

Smartphone Are the Bulk of Our Digital Media Diet

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