Fascinating List of The 2019 Internet Trends That Can Set a Benchmark in Business and Technology

One of the most researched topics on the internet and about technology, in general, is the ongoing trends. Smart marketers want to know what’s in these days and what they must do to promote their product and run a successful business. To sum this whole thing up, the queen of internet Mary Meeker recently released her annual report to highlight all the internet trends. The aim of this report is to help the business community foresee and predict the trends that can dominate the market as well as affect their business in the long run. The complete trend list consists of a 333-page long report that explains the overall trends of 2019. To make it easier and sum it up, here are some highlights of the whole report.

The report explains that the 10 of the most valuable companies in the world include just three non-tech companies and the rest of them all are companies related to the tech industry, clearly explaining that technology is the new money maker. Out of the 25 most valuable tech companies top 60% were founded by either first-generation immigrants or second generation immigrants. Nearly 51% of the global population is now an internet user and this number is constantly growing with every day. More and more people are buying smartphones that are now working as a primary source of internet use.

More retail stores are now shifting to the internet which approximately makes 15% of the total retail sales. Marketing is also shifting to the internet, according to an estimate in America around 22% of the ad spending was done on the internet in 2018. Tech joints are now becoming bigger and they are running ad campaigns and they are buying digital ads to grow more. Where advertisement and marketing have become easier with technology and the internet, a number of problems are now becoming part of advertisement including the privacy concern and other regulations.

Mary Meeker’s 2019 Internet Trends Report, Internet Ad Platforms = Google + Facebook Lead But Others Gaining Share

Interactive games worldwide are now growing and becoming a trend. According to an estimate interactive games globally have grown to around 6% reaching to 2.4 billion people. A whole industry is growing where people like to watch other people play rather than contributing to the game and with time number of these individuals are growing with time.

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