YouTube improves its UI, letting users enjoy Full-Screen Mode with additional actions

It is convenient to watch YouTube videos on full screen of your phone, but full screen snatch away few options like thumbs up or down, subscribing the channel and playing another video from a different channel. However, we've good news for YouTube users, as you don't need to get out of full screen mode anymore to like or share video or subscribe a channel.

YouTube has improved its user interface. Back in 2017, the renowned video hosting platform added a feature by which a user can know about a channel in full screen mode too. Because of that element, a user can subscribe to a channel and view the total number of subscribers as well. That new overlay feature also give users option to enable notification too.

Now, YouTube has improved this feature. The app added a bar of four icons which includes thumbs up, thumbs down, share and add video to playlist. All of these action buttons are accessible in full screen mode as well.

YouTube is improving its full-screen user-interface with quick access to recommended videos and channel actions
Screenshot: AndroidPolice.

Thus, it means that the new UI would make user experience a lot better by allowing users to like or share the video, and play another video from recommended channels, right from the same screen.

The update is propagating from server side; therefore, it is present in YouTube v14.19.54 and v14.20.50.

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