A look at 2019 Google Play Award Categories and Winners!

Top Android apps were commemorated during the eve of I/O 2019 on May 6th. The Play Award winners were announced by Google. There were nine categories based on quality, performance, innovation and design. The nominees for each category were unveiled last month and were initially selected by different Google teams.

To add icing on the cake, winners were also rewarded with a silver Play trophy, in addition to getting a featured spot on the Play Store. Here are the categories and winners.

1. Standout Well-Being App

Category Description: Apps with compelling design and strategies to keep the people engaged with them, while encouraging them to live their lives in the best way imaginable.

Winner: Woebot

Developer/Publisher: Woebot Labs.

2. Most Beautiful Game

Category Description: Games with unique and captivating visuals created either through advanced graphics API features or simple yet creative imagery.

Winner: Shadowgun Legends

Developer/Publisher: MADFINGER Games

3. Best Social Impact

Category Description: Apps that spread awareness about important matters such as health, education, refugees etc. and create a positive impact across the globe.

Winner: Wisdo

Developer/Publisher: Wisdo LTD.

4. Best Accessibility Experience

Category Description: Apps with innovative interactivity, making them easier to be used by people with disabilities or special needs.

Winner: Envision AI

Developer/Publisher: Envision Technologies BV

5. Most Inventive

Category Description: Unique apps that make use of new tech and are designed for a specific audience and show a ground-breaking application of mobile tech for users.

Winner: Tick Tock

Developer/Publisher: Other Tales Interactive

6. Best Living Room Experience

Category Description: Apps responsible for bringing people together to ensure or improve a pleasant living room experience.

Winner: Neverthink

Developer/Publisher: Neverthink

7. Best Breakthrough App

Category Description: New apps with strong design, excellent user experience, ability to keep users engaged and potential for growth.

Winner: Slowly

Developer/Publisher: Slowly Communications Ltd.

8. Standout Build for Billions Experience

Category Description: Apps with strong focus on enhanced performance, localization and culturalization for evolving markets.

Winner: Canva

Developer/Publisher: Canva

9. Best Breakthrough Game

Category Description: New Games with strong design, excellent user experience, ability to keep users engaged and potential for growth.

Winner: MARVEL Strike Force

Developer/Publisher: FoxNext Games

2019 Google Play Award list highlights top Android apps and games of the year
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