10 Best Free Logo Makers & Generators You Should Try In 2019

What a logo is in its Wikipedia definition is known to virtually everyone. However, what is real meaning of a logo for a startup and small business – is it a faithful companion or just another expensive trinket. Perhaps, on taking the first step in opening your own business or having already a small but moderately profitable business, the logo may seem some useless luxury to you, relevant and available only for the large companies, and in your case there is no need to spend an impressive amount on branding.

And you are absolutely right, you don’t need to spend money on corporate identity, but to get corporate style is something you definitely should do. No, do not grab pencils and markers, do not search video tutorials on working with Photoshop, and if you decide to turn to witchcraft - just give it up. At least, in this case you need nothing of those, because the Internet - the good old friend - gives us a budget or completely free online logo generators.

However, why do we need a logo?

Let us try to remember what we see when we look at the logos of high-quality companies:
  • The distinguishing sign. Yes, these are the guys!
  • Guarantee. They were good until now, so this product is not bad.
  • Aesthetics. The logo is lovely, so they took care of everything.
  • In addition, of course, advertising. Good, huh? – Will check!
Logo is a multifunctional tool, basing on which you can brand business documentation, websites, social networks, office and other products in the same style.

10 best online services for creating logos

We have brought together links and made a brief overview of 10 online logo creation services to make it easier for you to make your choice.

1. Logaster

Logaster offers a simple and fast way to create a logo in just a few steps. You only have to enter the company name and the slogan, if it is assumed. For a more detailed search, select the desired sector and the color scheme. After such simple actions, the generator will provide a lot of interesting logo layouts that can be edited if desired. Save the logo and share with your friends for discussion. Create the entire corporate style from the office and business documentation to the design of the site. A small sign is free, and the price for more advanced sets is assigned to four tariff plans, starting from $ 8.99.

10 Best Free (ONLINE) Logo Makers & Logo Generators in 2019

2. Canva

Canvas has long been known service for creating images for social networks, but few know that it is also a great tool for logo design. User-friendly interface, a large selection of templates for the brand name, as well as the ability to work in the mobile version: all these make the logo development process as accessible as possible.. Moreover, the service offers a ready-made logo in high resolution for free.

The best free logo makers 2019

3. Logo Genie

LogoGenie is a logo creation service that will generate many interesting layouts for you as soon as you enter your company name. The service provides the ability to change the elements of the brand name in an understandable and simple editor. As with most generators, the development of the logo is absolutely free, but for downloading the sign you will need to pay $19.90.

4. Logoshi

Logoshi allows you to create a logo based on your personal drawing. Just enter the name and the slogan and if you don't like anything from the ready-made layouts, just draw something in the editor, and the generator will transform it into several attractive icons. You can download the logo for free, or buy it for $19 in EPS, PNG formats.

5. Tailor Brands

Taylor Brands provides you with several logo layouts based on your preferences. The service supports only the Latin alphabet. However, here you can create a decent logo and all branded products entirely. The price depends on the number of items in the set and the subscription period, ranging from $3.99 to $69.99. Free logo is only with a watermark.

6. Logomakr

Logomark approached to the process of generating a logo by unconventional way: at first, you go to the editor, and then look for an icon that you would like to edit. In the search box, by the way, the text can be entered only in English, and the name with the slogan will be displayed only in Latin letters. However, it attracts with the ability to choose more than one icon to create a logo, change their colors, add geometric shapes, etc. Fonts are sorted by style, which, by the way, is very convenient. In addition, the result is completely free. Nevertheless, there is one “but” - when using the logo you need to specify that it was created using Flaticon from Freepik. This is not such a big fee for the brand name, but it is possible only if you have a site. For commercial purposes, it is difficult to implement the logo under this condition.

7. Graphicsprings

Graphicsprings offers to create your logo in a minute or even less. A multi-functional, but understandable editor leaves no doubt. However, before you start editing the logo, you need to enter the name of your company and choose the theme. Then the service will pick up multiply relevant and high-quality icons. Make the necessary changes and see how your logo will look on branded products, business documentation and website. Is everything great? If it is not, save the layout, take some time, think about it, and go back to editing at any time. The cost for the logo is $49.99.

8. Logotype Maker

Logotype Maker is easy to use; all you have to do is to enter your company name so the generator could offer you a variety of logo layouts. Choose a relevant category to narrow down your searches, send the best logo variants to your favorites to compare, then choose one and edit it as you like. The service has a multi-functional but understandable editor. After making all the necessary changes, you will need to pass authorization, and then download the logo, the price of which is $24.99. But if you want to get a free sign, choose icons marked Free in the upper right corner.

9. Logo Factory

Logo Factory is a service where you can create a completely free logo. You will have to develop all other branded products or claim the right to your creativity outside the service, as it does not provide these services. However, the process of logo generation is very simple: you just need to click on the “Create logo now” button, and you will find yourself directly in the editor. Now you need to enter the name and the slogan, if available, then you select the icon, font, color and additional elements. If you need fully understand everything, you should check the video tutorial how to use the service, which is added on the website.

10. Hipster Logo Generator

Hipster Logo Generator is another simple way to get a brand name. You need to take only 5 simple steps to create your logo. The only flaw of the service is a small selection of icons, so it is better suited for creating a text logo. The image with the size 600 x 500 px is completely free, and it is only $ 5 for the higher resolution.

Choose your online generator

There are many services, which do not really care whether you attended an art school at the time. Now the other problem is to choose which of them will help you to create a brand name. To make a choice you need to think of all the “pros” and “cons”, try to work on some of them, because most of the sites provide free use and a certain number of attempts, and then you can choose the most convenient option. Moreover, if this method of creating a logo is still not for you, please, do not worry, you can always practice witchcraft.
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