Microsoft is Reportedly more Serious than ever Regarding the Implementation of its Threat Protection Service!

Microsoft has never been more serious about its all-encompassing security service, modeled on its Intelligent Security Graph.

Although Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) is probably the better-established brand, it only constitutes the Threat Protection Stable like other services such as Office 365 ATP, Azure ATP among others.

Most of these Threat Protections services come along in subscription bundles and are provided to the consumers of Microsoft 365 Package.

Last summer, Microsoft announced Threat Protection and has been providing monthly updates since then regarding its advancement. However, Microsoft Security’s corporate VP, Rob Lefferts says that the company is now more serious than ever regarding its vision and also provided some interesting developments.

According to Microsoft, it has analyzed over 470 billion Outlook emails (up from last year’s 400 billion), in addition to scanning more than a billion Azure user accounts (up from last year’s 750 million). Not to forget, the scanned Microsoft accounts’ Authentications are now 630 billion (as compared to last year’s 450 billion).

There’s still not much improvement when it comes to scanning devices and identifying threats and it’s still working on upping the threats signal analyzing number. Moreover, the number of Bing pages scanned remains the same too (18 billion).

The graph-based intelligence is used for giving organizations an insight into the ongoing attacks such as phishing attacks that could harm not only the affected accounts but the target devices as well.

According to Office 365 security analysts, last year, the company investigated around 300,000 phishing campaigns and 8 million Business email compromise (BEC) attempts. BEC attempts, over the course of last few years, have cost many organizations important and critical data, according to FBI. The loss was $1.3bn last year alone, which is way more than the combined losses suffered in the previous 2 years.

It should also be brought up that Threat Protection blocked 5 billion phishing emails last year, identifies 2 million attacks on targeted organization every month, in addition to detecting 72 million vulnerabilities and 123 million weak security configurations every month. Last but not the least, it also stops 14 million malicious sign-ins from succeeding every year.

Earlier this week, Microsoft rolled out a new Threat Protection website where you can see the company’s automated response capabilities towards various security incidents, for its various teams and services.

Microsoft is Reportedly more Serious than ever Regarding the Implementation of its Threat Protection Service!

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