Bot Frauds Are Going Down - Report By ANA Proves!

The internet has been after the bad bots for quite a long time now and finally according to a latest study, it is expected that the advertisers will face 11% less losses in 2019 - amounting to $5.8 billion in numbers. Apart from that, bot masters would also fail more often at first attempt as the concerned parties in the ad world are becoming more savvier than ever.

The comprehensive research, called “2018–2019 Bot Baseline: Fraud in Digital Advertising”, was conducted by Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and cybersecurity firm White Ops. It took data from 2,400 campaigns which are run by 50 leading marekters that also have ANA membership. These companies include automaker Ford to brewer Anheuser-Busch InBev, financial services giant Bank of America and soft drinks manufacturer Coca-Cola.

Digital advertising fraud would have climbed to $14 billion mark this year. But the industry-wide efforts seem to have combat it well when we compare it with last report in 2017 that stated a loss of $6.5 billion (a 25.4% increase overall).

Monetary losses from ad fraud are improving

While it is becoming more difficult and expensive to buy any kind of sophisticated bot traffic, ad buyers and seller are also able to block the fraudster right away before they get paid. Although this still doesn’t put the marketers in the winning situation, but saving the similar resources can help in expanding more brands and businesses on the other hand.

Getting into the little details, the report further showed that 8% of display ad impressions are fraudulent, which once again is one percent less from 2017. The statistics related to video ads also experienced a decline from 22% to 14% in the same period.

Digital ad fraud has been dominating the industry with tens of billions of dollars in recent years. A lot of it originated from the use of bots for the sake of creating fake page views and clicks on ads etc.

But now with the new fraud prevention initiatives by organisations and trade bodies - ads.txt by Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), one can hope that the future is going to be better soon.

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  1. HAHA, sure. The ANA has just gotten worse at detecting ad fraud.

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