Chrome launching new feature to stop websites abusing the back button

Google introduced a new feature developed to prevent websites from manipulating their visitor's browsing history to make it more difficult for them to go back to the original page with the help of back button in browser.

This feature is launched in an attempt to eliminate abusive websites actions and to enhance user satisfaction.

In June 2016, GitHub edition described this complication on websites that manipulate their user's browsing history, getting back to the web page which was visited earlier is very hard.

⦁ As the dummy records entries fast forward instantly, it gets hard for the user to know when to stop pressing the backward button given the fact that user can't wait for visual confirmation.

⦁ Because of this, the user either exceeds or falls short from its wanted webpage.

For this, misbehaving websites might add "a history entry using pushState or navigates the user to any other page (c.Com) without ever getting a user gesture" as described in the new History Manipulation Intervention characteristic statement.

Eventually, when the visitor attempts to go back, some of the entries in history will be neglected thus making it difficult to go right to the destination page.

This feature will jump all history entries in the "back/forward list on back button invocation" that were added without the user’s intention, as mentioned in the Chromium Issue 907167. And the skipped entries (those which will be skipped) are those added by websites.

Google Chrome's new feature is all set to be launched, as it is already reviewed and approved.

The feature will be available on all operating systems with the History Manipulation intervention only affecting the backward and forward buttons.

Image: AP Photo/Mark Lennihan

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