An Australian Teenager Hacked Apple Believing That The Company Would Hire Him

Usually, the traditional way of landing a job at a tech company is that you plan your education, get some experience in your area of interest and then hope that eventually, you will land an internship.

But an Australian teenager had some other plans.

A 17 year old boy hacked Apple's security system and pleaded guilty, confessed that he was assuming he would get a job at the company.

He heard the story of a person in Europe who was involved in the same practice and the company appointed him.

He hoped to get hired by Apple, but Obviously, law enforcement had different approaches.

Fortunately, the teen's career won't end here, as he won't face a conviction instead, he is on a $500 AUD (about $346 US) good behavior bond for nine months.

The kid was only 13 when he started hacking, and the judge concluded that the teen had been using his technological skills only for good since then.

The teen wants to study digital security and criminology at college and had no idea of a hacking punishment staining his career.

According to Australian publication ABCNews, A spokesperson from Apple didn't say anything about the case when asked, instead stated that the company tackled the hacks before notifying them to police and also stressed that its staff watchfully guard company networks.

As Apple said, no personal data or information was hacked.

Adelaide teen hacked into Apple twice hoping the tech giant would offer him a job
Photo: MichaelGaida

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