2019’s Top Social Media Memes Revealed

Memes are one of the hallmarks of modern, or postmodern, culture. They are a way for teens to get their unique sense of humor across, but more than that they have become a way for people to communicate. Actual, legitimate information is exchanged through memes, and certain things have become memes that people generally take seriously, such as communism, and this has not turned these ideologies into a joke but are much on the contrary the result of young people taking such intellectual pursuits more seriously all in all.

Since memes are such a great way for us to communicate and form one of the most important social aspects of our world today, we have decided to look up some of the best memes of the year so far and present them to you below.

1. Celebrities as Things

If the name sounds odd to you get used to it because most meme names have a tendency to be rather odd and out there and the people that are sharing these memes tend to like things that way. If you check out the tweet below, you will be able to see just how this meme compares celebrities with the most mundane of things.

2. Some Of You… And It Shows

If you are looking to give someone a sick burn without directly referencing them, this meme is the way to do it. It is also a fine way to sub tweet by referencing a topic in a humorous and witty manner. This meme is often used as a humorous response to other memes that have been shared and is a pretty important part of Twitter’s current meme culture all in all.

3. So, Twitter, Meet My Dad

After one faithful son talked about his father finally following his dream of becoming a model after spending years being a pastor, Twitter was taken by storm by a number of people sharing videos of celebrities such as Steve Carrell with the same text as the tweet that the son had posted talking about his father. The randomness of this meme shows just how funny you can be without having to go into offensive territory, as this meme is mostly just a harmless and somewhat absurd way for the people on Twitter to have fun. It should be noted that the former pastor got quite a few modelling gigs after the meme went viral.

4. This Shot Should Be Shown in Film Class

These days everyone likes to pretend that they are some kind of expert in film or a film critic of some sort, and meme culture loves poking fun at such people. When one Twitter user claimed that a certain shot from the Game of Thrones season finale was “brilliant and should be shown in film study class”, Twitter was suddenly full of tweets making fun of the statement by pairing it with random shots that are decidedly not as brilliant as can be seen below.

5. First Image of a Black Hole

6. Ah sh-t here we go again

This could be interesting from r/MemeEconomy

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