YouTube becomes voice smart: Plays video immediately after voice search

For many users, the idea of using voice search was not appealing as they could easily type the same query. However, with time – Google made advancements in its voice recognition algorithms and made them better and smarter.

Just take a look at YouTube. Their voice recognition software has recently gone through a modification phase and is now able to play the video immediately after a voice search.

Simply go to the search page on the YouTube app and tap on the mic icon located on the top right. Say ‘play’ and the name of the video you would like to see. You can be as specific or as elaborate as you want to be and the smart voice recognition technology will recognize it instantly. And instead of providing you with the results, you will see the video playing immediately on your device.

The new UI features a red microphone instead of blue while the voice search display covers the complete screen. The updated YouTube is available on all devices and is rolled out to most users as well. The new version is called 14.20.54. Check it out and let us know your experience.

Hat Tip: Androidpolice

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