Despite Hating The Social Media Ads, 70% Users Still Click Them

Although consumers might not like to accept it, but buying behavior is now heavily influenced by what they see on the internet. Customers know that ads are dominating their newsfeed, yet they don’t hesitate to click and explore the options.

In an extensive survey done by Blue Fountain Media, based on 1,000 customers between the age of 18-55, the results have shown that the sentiments still stand in favor of the new offers advertised on social media every other day. While 75% of the poll did think that there are always too many ads on their newsfeed, still 70% among them loved clicking and even made purchases.

Further key findings include:

Where do customers click on ads the most?

When people were asked about their most preferred places to click on the ads, their response came up as a surprise:

Users Think Social Media Ads are Filling Their Feeds, yet 70 percent Still Click
  • Facebook (38%)
  • Instagram (​37%)
  • YouTube (​14%)
  • Twitter (5%)
  • Pinterest (4%)
  • LinkedIn (2%)
The data also proved that ads which appear on newsfeed continue to be more effective than the ones which come in between stories.

Why Are Customers Liking The Ads?

While the results are almost ideal for marketers at this stage, customers had even more interesting opinions regarding the ads that they saw:
  • 65% were happy with the ads because all of them got to see quality products which they wouldn’t have found anywhere else.
  • 61% had no problems with demographically targeted ads.
  • 36% couldn’t resist checking for the discounts advertised and some of them even bought the product later.
  • 31% were also thankful to the ads for keeping social media free.

How is influencer marketing doing?

Endorsements by celebrities or social media influencers are on the rise and rightly so, 51% of the consumers believed that they will make a purchase, if their favorite person suggests them to do so.

However, on the other hand, 56% customers had doubts on the recommendations of celebrity or influencers.

What Types of Ads Are A Big Turnoff?

In order to make the ads experience even better, customers were also asked about the worst type of ads that they wouldn’t like seeing on their social media again.
  • 28% answered with when they have no interest in the product
  • 27% got irritated by ads with audio
  • 23% hated the repetition of ads
  • 16% had a complain that they were getting more ads on their newsfeed than updates from family and friends
  • 6% were confused to see that the ads were constantly increasing with the number of times they made online purchases
In case if you are interested to read more, then you can have access to the complete findings of the survey here.

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