Rate of Account Suspension Over Promoting Terrorism Decreases – Twitter Report

Terrorism has taken its toll globally and this has raised some major concerns about the contribution of social networking sites in this regard. Recent New Zealand shooting was one of the alarming demonstrations that truly depicted the amount of impact social media networking has on the daily lifestyle and these terrible incidents. To address these issues, social media networks have been banning various suspicious accounts as well as content on their websites for quite a while now.

A recent transparency report revealed by Twitter covered a full report from July to December 2018, explaining the amount of exported content and suspended accounts as a result of these reported content. According to the report, during this time in 2018, nearly 166,513 accounts were suspended due to allegations of promoting terrorism via an online platform. 91% of these accounts were identified by the internal system but the figure has dropped down 19% as compared to last six months. Twitter has claimed that this was the result of their zero-tolerance policy against terrorism that has helped them to control the use of Twitter for such activities. They have developed a method where the accounts can be detected and suspended as they are setting, even before they have tweeted anything about terrorism.

With the help of this service Twitter has not only suspended account involved in promoting terrorism but also, 456,989 accounts that were involved in child pornography and exploitation of minors. However, numbers suggest that this has significantly decreased as compared to the last six months whereas, the report also explains that 96% of these accounts were using technology tools. According to the report, the spam accounts also decreased by 17% as compared to the first half of the year. With new technology, Twitter was successful in removing around 75% of these spam accounts automatically.

During the last six months’ Twitter has reportedly received 6,904 complaints via different resources reporting 11,112 accounts for various reasons. To address this issue they have produced information on around 56% of the request.

Considering America, Twitter has reportedly received 2,092 complaints about the authorities and they have complained around 3,860 accounts for various reasons. Twitter has disclosed around 73% of the information related to America that is still considerably higher than in other countries.

Rate of Account Suspension Over Promoting Terrorism Decreases – Twitter Report
Photo: Sara Kurfe

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