Hackers compromise Microsoft Outlook accounts for cryptocurrency

A couple of weeks back, news regarding Microsoft Outlook’s account being hacked was circulating the World Wide Web. Surprisingly, the hackers had access to accounts for almost three months without being detected.

Well, now a new report has surfaced regarding the same where Motherboard alleges that many of the victims were robbed of cryptocurrency from their accounts. In fact, the publishing company claims that getting hold of the cryptocurrency was the main motive of the hack.

The attack took place when a hacker managed to gain access to a Microsoft customer support worker’s login credentials. Using the same, the hacker got access to many accounts including Outlook, Hotmail, and MSN.

A Microsoft account holder told The Motherboard team that his account was used to reset the password for his cryptocurrency exchange service. The hackers also withdrew Bitcoins using the illicit method.

The victim also showed Motherboard emails he received from Microsoft for password change request.

According to the victim, one bitcoin worth $5,000 was stolen from his account.

Unfortunately, he is not the only one who reported his misfortune. Several others took to Reddit and other forums to complain about being theft on Microsoft’s platform.

What surprised us the most was the reaction by the Microsoft Company. The software giant initially claimed that the hackers only got hold of email addresses and names. Even after being shown evidence of the theft, the company simply chose to issue breach notification emails to victims while refused to comment on cryptocurrency theft.

Crooks using hacked Microsoft email accounts to steal cryptocurrency
Photo: NurPhoto via Getty Images

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