Now you can make even more friends with Facebook’s “Meet New Friends” feature

At the F8 2019, Facebook announced the launch of their newest feature called “Meet New Friends”.

As the name implies, the new feature enables users to initiate friendship with others from their shared communities and interests. For example, you can meet new people from the city you are currently living in, the school you went to, or even your hometown.

However, due to privacy concerns, Facebook has integrated the new feature as an opt-in tool. This means that your profile will not be populated by default and to meet new people, you would have to turn the feature on.

The “Meet New Friends” feature is currently being tested in unnamed locations but it is expected that it would be fully rolled out soon.

The social media company is also planning to integrate the feature with its Groups service allowing users to meet new people from their respective interest groups.

At their annual developer’s conference, Facebook also announced the launch of their revamped Groups tab that will show users a personalized feed of the activities happening in the communities they are a part of.

A new discovery tool is also in the works for Facebook users where they would be recommended Groups of their interest.

Additionally, Facebook is now making it easier for users to share content to their Groups from the News Feed.

The company is also working on its aim to make Groups a core feature of their platform - without compromising the security of the 400 million users that rely on these Groups. For example, the job groups are being introduced with several new templates to make the hiring process easy for both – the employers and the employee.

Health Support Groups are also enabled with an ‘anonymous’ question feature where admins can post questions on behalf of the members if they want to protect their privacy. At the same time, gaming groups are being equipped with chat features to increase communication on the trending game topics.

Facebook is also experimenting with a live video stream where sellers can showcase their products and sell them in real-time.

Lastly, there is the Events tab that makes it very easy for the users to find out about the events happening nearby and get recommendations as well about local businesses.

All the features will be introduced to the Facebook mobile app first while a redesigned desktop app will launch in a few months as well.

As per Mark Zuckerberg, the new mobile app is rolling out today. And guess what! It’s not even blue anymore! Go check it out and let us know what you think of the new redesigned Facebook app.
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