Instagram will no longer be Showing Posts that go Against the Social Network's Guidelines!

Following in the footsteps of its parent company (Facebook), Instagram will now be restricting the reach of content that hardly complies with the community guidelines.

This basically means that such posts will be targeted which nearly violate the platform’s guidelines but still get a pass.

Although these posts cannot be banned as they do not violate the guidelines, Instagram will still take measures to prevent them from engaging a large chunk of audience. It will do so by not recommending them in the Explore Tab. Also, you might not find them while surfing through a hashtag.

It should be noted that if you follow an account that posts such content, you will be able to see those posts in your feed.

As of now, there’s no definite explanation for what type of content almost goes against the guidelines, however media reports and a press release from Facebook explains that, content that is graphic, violent, sexually suggestive, in addition to possibly being scam and spreading misinformation can be considered “non-recommendable” and such kind of content has a good chance of not showing up in the explore tab and hashtag search pages.

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Photo: PA Wire/PA Images

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