Why is digital marketing important for businesses? [Sponsored]

Digital marketing is such an important tool for businesses to grow and achieve a high success rate when it comes to their online efforts. This infographic looks at the reason why digital marketing is more important than ever before and the different types of digital marketing that you need to include in your own efforts when dealing with current and future clients.

It first looks at the rising online industry with several facts and figures. For instance, the infographic reveals how expectant sales will reach $4.5 million in global retail e-commerce and video advertising will head towards $22 billion both by 2021. These figures will help show you why businesses need to prioritise digital marketing. It also looks at the different types of digital marketing that companies such as Point Blank Digital cover with their services. After all, all these types work best together to help connect you with prospective clients.

The major benefits of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is discussed in the infographic such as driving traffic and improved rankings. It also looks at why it’s important to businesses with figures such as Google being responsible for over 94% of total traffic.

PPC (pay-per click) is when a company creates ads which will lead people to your site. The infographic looks at the major benefits of such ‘paid traffic’ and looks at the reason it’s so important to businesses.

Another marketing discipline which is in this infographic is the tool of content marketing. Content which attracts people to your products and services has many benefits for companies. As you can see in this infographic, it leads to three times more leads than paid search advertising.

Social media in all its platforms are in the infographic with a variety of interesting facts and figures showing the benefits to businesses. It looks at some of the major players such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram who are all changing the way businesses are communicating with their potential and current clients.

The infographic also discusses how important video marketing is in the current climate with how it’s used to promote your business. It talks about how clients use YouTube which can influence how you use the platform for your business needs. The last tool it looks at is email marketing which is an effective way to get leads of potential customers. The main way of communicating in the modern world, it’s a great way to get professionals awareness for you business. After reading this infographic, you should have a clear understanding of how each tool can help you to grow your business.

Why Is Digital Marketing More Important For Businesses Than Ever Before? (Infographic)

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  1. Your 83% and 75% gender breakdown is incorrect and does not make sense. It's "Of all the people on the internet, 83% of Women & 75% of Men use Facebook" - I've been using this website for several facts but by the looks of it, a lot of your facts can be wrong.

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