Google knows about all your online purchases through Gmail

Google's business model relies on the information gathered from its users, so they don't miss any opportunity of securing data and information from its users as much as possible.

Google tracks plenty of what you shop online, even if you obtain it someplace else, like in an eCommerce store or from Amazon.

Google uses Gmail to keep track of your purchases, whether they are online or offline.

A page in your Gmail account "Purchases" holds the list of things you've bought from years.

Google insists that the list is only visible to the individuals and google doesn't use this for classified ads.

A Google spokesperson said, To help you stay updated with your purchases, subscriptions and books, we've created a private page which can be only seen by you.

You can delete the information whenever you want, as Google doesn't use it for serving you targeted ads.

You can delete all the information from your Gmail and archived messages, but there is no easy option available for it as there is no mass-delete option provided. Instead, you have to manually check and delete each item.

There is no way to delete them from Purchases without additionally deleting them from Gmail.

According to Google's privacy page, only you can see your purchase.

But it says that the information about your purchases may also be saved in other Google services that you can delete in a separate activity page.

Google promises that it doesn't use your Gmail to show ads and that it doesn't sell your personal information, including Gmail or Google account to advertisers.

Google, like Facebook, is aware of a large number of statistics about you, your private usages, and also what you buy on the internet. And just like other social networks it dominates the internet marketing enterprise alongside, Google gets this information through background data collection using strategies and tools its customers might not be completely aware of, like Gmail purchase receipts.

It is still unclear why Google tracks that information through Gmail and stores it in a "Purchasing" page, which is not exactly a secret page, but nor is it made particularly noticeable, especially after when Google said, they don't even use it for ads it remains unclear why Google would need to track years of purchases.

It's good to have an idea of what data Google collects through its different services or app that you use.

Google's account dashboard contains many tools that help you to see and manage this data.

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