Dedicated Content Reviewers on Facebook Will Focus Only to Remove Hate Speech

Facebook has recently been actively working to crack down fake profiles on the platform but that’s not all. Company will soon be running a pilot program in which some of the content reviewers will be dedicated specifically to identify and eliminate hate speech, said the VP of the company, Justin Osofsky while talking about the latest Community Standards Enforcement Report of the firm.

No details about the number of reviewers allotted and the time frame have been given but following the controversies of the platform, the company needs to carry out this experiment.

Company’s report conceded that Facebook still has not been successful to detect hate speech at wide level. However, a little improvement has been brought in since 2017, where 24 percent of the offensive content was identified by the company itself and now it's capable of catching almost 65 percent.

The other one-third of the content is dependent on users to flag it. With the content reviewers focusing specifically on hate speech, it is possible that more and more content will be detected by the company itself before users bring it into notice.
"We’ve made real progress, but we have more work to do when it comes to enforcing our policies and fighting abuse on Facebook. And we’re focusing, not just on catching more, but, more importantly, on missing less, as measured by prevalence. And that’s we’re investing heavily in AI that can catch more violations before people see it. This technology has helped us make huge strides in the past few years, but AI is also not a silver bullet. We need a combination of technology and people, whether it’s the people who report content to us or the reviewers on our teams who review content.", explained Guy Rosen, Facebook's VP Integrity in a conference call.
The company has launched a campaign against hate speech and the pilot is just a part of it. Recently many of the pages and groups spreading hate and extremism online were refrained from sharing articles and posts and were also blocked.

Facebook has taken the issue seriously and trying to end hate speech on social media platform. This latest effort is to make sure that even if an inappropriate content escapes the check, its reach is limited.

Facebook Pilots Anti-Hate Speech Moderation Team Because, Y'know, All the Hate Speech and Stuff
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