Google’s Contractors Outnumber The Full-Time Employees, Revealed A Report

This March, Google had around 102K full-time employees working for the company around the globe. Whereas, that is not all, the tech giant has outsourced even larger workforce, 121K temporary employee, vendors and contractors, or as Google calls it, TVCs, revealed the New York Times’ report.

There are various advantages of having TVCs as compared to in-house workers. In November, a notable walkout came into the light regarding how Google was handling sexual harassment complaints against executives by some of its workers, protesters also asked for a safe environment for the outsourced employees.

Vice president of people operations, Eileen Naughton said that if their employees face any inconvenience they have a number of ways to report against it or speak up about it. The company holds everyone accountable who have been charged and takes actions along with ensuring that the affected person does not go through much trouble.

However, the spokeswoman did not comment on how many cases have been registered so far.

From almost a year, the employees of Google have been speaking up more than ever about the problems at workplace and criticizing its military contract as well as its work in China.

In these protests against the company, TVCs have been among the prominent issues. Around 900 employees of Google signed a petition in March asking a better treatment for the outsourced employees.

This petition also highlighted the reduced work contracts with the Google Assistant’s personality team, according to reports.

Following the protest, Google announced that temp companies who give temporary and contract workers will be responsible for providing their staff with all kinds of benefits. These include $15 as minimum wage, and giving full-paid parental leave from next year onwards.

Photo: AP Photo/Ng Han Guan

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