YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google: A look at World-famous Logos and the Typefaces used in them

Logos are a significant part of every brand. There is hardly any well-established brand which doesn’t use logos to set itself apart from others. Moreover, the logo selection and designing process is quite time-consuming as a logo will, in one way or another, impact the business it is being created for, so it’s necessary that it’s something catchy.

Now, coming to the logo designers. It’s a well-known fact that when designers take a look at any logo, they tend to dig deep instead of just noting the details that are clearly visible. They observe minor details such as the use of grid in the design, possible sources of inspiration behind the creation, and not to forget, the typeface used in its design.

Enter Emanuele Abrate, an Italian graphic designer. Abrate is one of those designers who like to observe even the well-hidden details. As part of a personal project, which goes by the name “Logofonts”, he managed to reveal the typefaces used behind some of the most famous logomarks.

The results turned out to be quite interesting. Although people used to compare AirBnB’s logo with that of Adidas, both use different sans-serifs.

Netflix uses Bebas Neue font:

Klavika is the font used in Facebook branding.

Which font was used in LinkedIn? Answer: Avenir

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Microsoft uses Segoe UI font family

Apple ❤ San Francisco font

Twitter's original Logo Type was "Pico".

Whatsapp uses Helvetica Neue 75 Bold

Product Sans is Google’s custom font.

You are encouraged to check-out more from the project through Abrate’s portfolio and are also suggested to follow him on social media platforms to see more from him.

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