Infographic: A Look at Internet Censorship Around the World

Internet censorship practices differ from country to country. Take the example of the USA, Australia, France, Canada, Germany, Italy, and Japan. These countries only place a restriction on torrents.

On the other hand, countries like North and South Korea, China, Belarus, Cuba, and Turkey have a strict policy against torrents along with political media, pornography and surprisingly - social media platforms.

Similarly, Ethiopia prohibits users to access social media apps without authorization while restricts the viewing of political media, pornography, and torrents.

In the infographic below, you'll discover a list of internet laws that are applicable in each country.

The key highlights of the research include:

· Residence of Eritrea have the most limited access to the internet

· China keeps a close eye on the usage of internet and employs more than 50,000 technicians to monitor the use

· Turkey has a country-wide blacklist of 100,000 websites

These and many more findings are revealed in this infographic, which comes courtesy of TorGuard. Take a look and let us know your views on the censorship protocol that is followed around the world.

A Look at Internet Censorship Around the World - infographic

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