Twitter provides Impressive Updates Regarding its Battle with Hate and Abuse on the Platform!

Twitter is working on tackling the ever-rising issue of hate and abuse on the platform. In a recent blog post, the social networking service provided an update.

From the start of January to the end of March, Twitter ended up suspending around 100,000 account holders who created new accounts after their previous ones were suspended. In addition to that, countless abusive accounts were flagged within 24 hours of being reported. Not to forget that with the help of impressive automated practices like machine learning, 38% of abusive content on the platform is now being “surfaced proactively” for the human reviewers. This has proven to be quite effective so far as Twitter has experienced a 16% decline in the abusive reports since then.

Twitter’s vice president, Donald Hicks and director of product management, David Gasca wrote that they are utilizing the same tech to flag abusive tweets to the review team that they use to track spam and other rule violations. Hicks and Gasca also added that they have expanded the teams in key areas to remain proactive in keeping the platform and users safe. According to them, although reports are effective in their own right, more work has to be done in order to battle hate and abuse on the platform, and their work is showing remarkable improvements.

Thanks to the newly introduced in-app appeal process, Twitter is now able to respond to appeal requests 60% quicker than it used to before. Moreover, 2.5 times more private information is now being removed from the reports, making it comfortable for the report filers.

Hicks and Gasca also mentioned that some people don’t feel comfortable in reporting abuse and this is exactly why the company is more focused towards taking a proactive approach to take down abusive content. However, reports are still considered helpful.

The duo assured that in the near future, the company will work more on improving its tech to review rule violating content more promptly. Also, work will done to make it easier for users to share details when submitting a report. Users will also be able to hide replies to tweets. Another goal is to make rules shorter, simpler and easier to understand.

Thus, it can be said that the company is making efforts to improve the platform and according to Hicks and Gasca, Twitter’s main priority is to keep people safe on the platform.

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Twitter provides Impressive Updates Regarding its Battle with Hate and Abuse on the social network!
Image: AP Photo/Matt Rourke
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