New Code of Practice to Be Introduced for Social Media Companies to Protect Young Users

A new code of practice proposed by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) in the UK has been trying to protect the safety of the children. This privacy policy will prevent young users, under the age of 18 to like posts on Facebook and Instagram.

The nudge technique is used by tech companies through which users are persuaded to give extra or irrelevant personal information, weaken their privacy policy or give more access to their personal data. This new code in the process will also forbid the use of nudging technique.

Whenever a like button is clicked, data of the person is collected. To prevent this, young users’ ability to like a post on social networks would be removed. The Snapchat’s streak would also be affected by the implementation of this rule.

The basic purpose of introducing this code is to limit the collection of users’ data by the companies. Elizabeth Denham, Information Commissioner said that the internet is deeply embedded into our daily lives, we cannot keep the young generation away from it but we should protect them online. This is why the code is being made.

Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat May Be Forced to Remove Like Feature for Users Under 18 in the UK

This unique proposal is in its initial stages and going through the consultation process, in which experts, as well as public, will be asked for feedback. The approval of the code will be done on the feedback gathered.

Once the code is approved, all the tech companies providing services in the UK will have to follow it, whether the companies are operated from here or not. In case of the violation, the 4% global revenue of the companies would be taken as fine.

The consultation will be till 31 May and in the case of approval, it will be implemented by 2020.

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