Samsung Clarifies Panic Inducing Google Email

A lot of users that use Samsung products on a regular basis received an email from Google that probably worried them quite a bit. This email stated that people that use Samsung email have basically given Samsung the ability to compose emails through your account as well as delete all of your emails. The thing is, you probably gave Samsung’s own built in email client the permission it required in order to have this much power over your Gmail account because of the fact that you wanted to streamline your emailing process.

The truly worrying thing is that the Google email refers to the permission being granted to an app originating from an unverified developer, which led a lot of people to assume that the origin of this app was malicious and that this was not an official Samsung app. However, the people over at Samsung released a statement saying that they were aware of this issue, that they were working on fixing it and that users should not worry so much that they end up deleting the app or restricting its access in any way.

According to Samsung, users were facing this issue because of the fact that Google had recently changed its security protocols by a fairly large margin which lead to alerts being sent out that classified Samsung as an unverified developer. The thing that you need to keep in mind is that the issue really isn’t all that big, so you should definitely try your best not to worry too much about it.

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