10 Work at Home Jobs That Pay Weekly or More Often

If you work from home, you’ve probably noticed that most work-at-home opportunities pay only once or twice a month. This frequently isn’t enough for someone with immediate financial needs. While you can learn the nitty-gritties of the Internet world, sometimes you need a quicker solution to your financial woes.

These jobs are based around simple tasks like data entry, transcription, writing and other similar tasks. If you’re hoping to be paid for simple tasks at least once a week, check out the jobs below.

Of course, I’d still advise you to focus on the long run and open your mind to the digital medium by learning whatever it has to offer. YouTube can be your teacher when it comes to learning the ‘how-to’ of innumerable job opportunities. However, it is always important to read a few reviews before you head onto starting off a job. Why waste time doing something useless, right?

You can also head over to Job Marketplaces like Upwork, Freelancers, etc. where you can advertise your skills and get hired for a variety of jobs. If you feel outdated by the skillset demanded by employers, you always have the option of upskilling yourself. For example, if your interest area lies in marketing, for which lots of online jobs are available on these platforms, you can get access to online courses for digital marketing. You can also get yourself skilled in multiple other disciplines as well. A course in Graphic design for beginners, can get you started in the demanding world of designing.

And if you’re already an expert into any particular area, how about Neil Patel has written a very good article on making money from online courses, which you can give a read as well.

Please note that just because a job is listed here doesn’t mean that the company is currently hiring.

Jobs That Pay Out Weekly… or More Often

Writing Jobs

Article Marketing Co. – This company contracts with writers to provide their clients with content for various blogs and websites. You’ll have to provide your resume and writing samples, as well as create a writing sample for them based off of their guidelines. They pay about seven dollars for 500 words and deposit your pay into your account every Sunday morning. Each article is usually approved within 48 hours.

Hire Writers – Hire Writers will pay you to write SEO articles online. Payments are released weekly on Fridays. They’ll only hire native English writers, and you’ll have to pass a grammar test as well as an essay test before you sign onto the site. The more you work, the more of a reputation you’ll get, and the more money you can make.

BlogMutt – BlogMutt is a writing company which pays you to create content for a variety of blogs. Work is flexible and you can work whenever it suits you. There’s also a huge variety of content to write about. Invoices are paid weekly.

Data Entry Jobs

Clickworker – Clickworker uses the power of crowdsourcing to break up large tasks into micro-tasks and distribute them to more than 300,000 workers worldwide. Tasks are in fields like translating, writing, and data entry. Payment is on a per piece basis, so hourly earnings will vary depending on how quickly you can work. Clickworker says they expect an average worker to earn about nine dollars an hour. Payment is released weekly and is sent to either a PayPal or bank account.

SmartCrowd – SmartCrowd is similar to Clickworker and pays you to do data entry tasks from home. Your training is paid, and you have a flexible work schedule. The pay can range from between $.20-$.60 for every thousand keystrokes, and is sent out every week.

Transcription Jobs

Transcribe Me – Transcribe Me is a transcription company which lets you work as little or as much is like whenever you want to. The initial pay rate is $20 per hour of audio transcribed, naturally your pay will vary depending on how quickly you can work. You’ll eventually learn to finish a two-minute file in around seven minutes. You can become a quality analyzer after working there for a while and average about $100 per hour of audio transcribed.

Tutoring Jobs

Chegg – Chegg started out as an online textbook rental company, but has since branched out into other services such as contracting tutors for a variety of topics. You can set your own schedule and pick subjects you are proficient in to tutor. While opportunities aren’t always consistent, you can make around $20 an hour from the site. The company pays weekly, and payment is sent to you through PayPal.

Virtual Assistant Jobs

Virtual Office VA – This company will pay you to call potential house sellers on the behalf of a real estate investor. The pay averages around 8 to 9 dollars an hour, and is sent out once every week via PayPal.

Music Reviews

Slice the Pie – Have you ever wanted to get paid for listening to music? Now you can, thanks to Slice the Pie. Slice the Pie will pay you to listen to music and then write a review on the song you are listening to. New participants at the site will start out at a rating of one star, meaning they earn about $.01-$.05 per song review. This would translate to about $1.80 per hour, but as you do reviews and earn more stars, you can earn more money. Slice the Pie won’t make you a lot of money, but it’s a nice way to earn a little extra cash while you listen to music.

Field Agent Jobs

Field Agent – Field Agent will have you using your smart phone to collect photos, video, and more information about different stores. They pay between 3 and 12 dollars per online task completed, and your payment will usually be sent out within 48 hours of completing the job.

None of these jobs are likely to make you rich, but schedules are often flexible and the fact that they pay out weekly can be a big help if you have immediate financial obligations and need some extra cash to cover them.

Map your passions, skills to the available opportunities that can push you into the direction of a full-fledged career.

Any other weekly paying job out there? Comment here to let us know!
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