Reddit Introduces Collections and Events Posts for All Users

Reddit is all set to introduce two new post types, Events and Collections, for all of its users. Through Event, communities would be able to discuss their TV shows, award ceremonies, trending news and other topics. On the other hand, posts will be curated with the help of Collections, making it easier for new members to grasp the fast-paced discussions. These features have already been tested for a few months with the fans of “Games of Throne” and other Subreddits.

Moderators of Reddit community will be allowed to schedule posts of upcoming events with the help of Events posts and as the event unfolds, discussions would also be facilitated. Adam Barton, Senior Product manager at Reddit said that this post type is the 'response' of the user behavior on the platform. Previously, whenever people created events regarding the trending topics, moderators were needed to bring posts into a queue and also bots that were expected to fetch pre-written posts from wikis, on time. With these post types, scheduling post as an event is just a click away.

Collections and events together aid in clustering the events in the community, as the “Games of Throne” Subreddit moderators do. People who somehow have missed an episode of a TV show can get to know about it through the discussion in events, which was not convenient before either on Reddit’s feed or any other platform.

Collections also curate important discussions so the newcomers can easily find their desired results on their favorite Subreddit. For instance, moderators would be able to group their older “Ask Me Anything” interviews.

Communities on Reddit have been using Collections and Events for book clubs, sports and even for discussing topics like E.U. copyright law changes as well. According to Borton, if the platform had automated the curation on the basis of tags or topics, the range would not have been possible, so it has been built broadly to give communities more space to express themselves.

Users can directly follow Events and Collections to get the notification regarding a single live event without having to subscribe to the whole Subreddit. Reddit’s aim is to lower the barriers and make it easily approachable for all.

Reddit Adds Collections and Events Posts to All Communities
Photo: Robert Galbraith / Reuters

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