Why Instagram bots are getting popular?

Instagram bots (automation software) presence has increased by leaps and bounds in the past few months. To some people the term “Instagram bot” may sound fishy or scam,” but the ground reality is that many businesses and brands are leveraging them regularly. There are two sides of a coin, let’s give you an example; Google is a giant bot that takes care of our search queries, and we use it often. Does Google harm you anyway? No it doesn’t!

There are good and the bad, a quality Instagram bot automates the interactions so that you appear more often on the activity feed. It increases followers, profile visits, and the number of times your account is seen. It saves time and helps you gain popularity.

You may have great content but too busy to manage the Instagram account. There are only two things to do, hire someone to manage or get a bot to automate. If you want your account to do exactly what you want on a recurring basis, then the bot is a profitable investment.

1. What is an Instagram bot?

A short answer is, these are software for saving time and money. As discussed above, there are good and the bad bots, depending on which one you came across and from where. These do all of your activities. Nowadays, social media automation software are gaining popularity among business accounts, no worries it doesn’t mean personal accounts can’t use these tools.

Some bots are single purpose, and others can be multipurpose. If you want to post four times a day, then set the schedule and bot will do the rest. Schedule posting is just one of many features; a quality bot can also auto like and auto follow, auto unfollow, Generate Hashtags and Auto DM. Let’s discuss these features in detail:

1.1 Hashtag Generator

Hashtags originated with Twitter, but they are more popular on Instagram nowadays. Smart companies and businesses depend on a proper Hashtagging strategy. Hashtags help people find relevant information about a service, product, etc. Hashtags increase awareness and engagement, which can help you rise above the competition.

A new Hashtag creates a new path to your business on social media. You can use it for promotions, career opportunities, contests, events, discussions, and of course to attract potential customers. If you are not sure which hashtags are good, or if it is time consuming then you can rely on a Hashtag Generator. Up to 30 Hashtags are allowed per post, and you can generate these within seconds.

1.2 Auto Like and Auto Follow

Instagram is the most favored social media platform nowadays. Every day millions of messages are shared on Instagram. If you have large followers but little engagement, then Auto Like is what you need. And if you have more engagement and a handful of followers, then auto-follow is your best option. Together, Auto like and Auto Follow can do wonders for you.

It creates a perception that your posts are popular and provides value to followers. When people see so much engagement and activity on your profile they are sure to follow you and comment on your posts. Just upload photos and leave the rest to Auto like and Auto Follow tool; it is as simple as that.

1.3 Auto Unfollow

First things first, why you need Auto unfollow? People make a judgment based on what they see, let's say “Following too many people” signals that you are using a tool, and there is something unnatural about you, and not many people are following you back. There should be a balance and feels nothing fishy about your account. A mass unfollow creates the balance and atmosphere that natural users trust.

1.4 Scheduled Posting

All those famous people we see have one thing in common; they are consistent. There are more than a billion active profiles, and above 25+ million businesses on Instagram, it is not easy to go ahead of your competition. It has many benefits; once you are done scheduling, you can work on a marketing plan. You can create a consistent feel and save time, upload photos timely for engagement, and to gain followers.

1.5 Auto DM

What is the key-to-success for a business? Some say it is the low cost, and others will say it is the concept of the product, consistency, and a strong culture. All of these are essential, but to really connect with people you need the right tools. It is hard to send messages to all of your followers, but not when you have tools like Auto DM (Direct Message). It helps you send bulk messages and encourage people to buy or reply back.

2. Advantages of using an Instagram bot?

We discussed some of the benefits or advantages of Instagram bots; let’s discuss what we haven’t. A bot is a programmed robot that does what it is programmed to do. Nowadays every autonomous software has features like Hashtag Generator, Auto Like and Auto Follow, Auto Unfollow, Scheduled Posting, Auto DM, but what gives it advantage is Safety, technical and marketing support, smart statistics, and complex approach.

2.1. Safety

If it is not safe, then there is no advantage for you. Instagram bots can be dangerous and can lead to a ban on account. This is where safety kicks in; a bot should be programmed knowing how Instagram works. It shouldn't harm anyway and keeps you safe from any danger.

2.2 Complex Approach

Instagram bots can perform any task repetitively for you, and the complex approach can make it stand out. It is an advantage when there is an expected or desired outcome. It shouldn’t leave you with regret after using.

2.3. Smart Statistics

We all know the importance of statistics, and how these make a big difference. They give you accurate figures so that you can change tactics. A quality Instagram bot with a feature like smart statistics can make a huge difference between profit and loss.

2.4. Technical and Marketing Support

It goes without saying that a bot must have Technical and Marketing Support teams backing 24/7. There is a chance it may not work; therefore a team should be present to help you so that you can get results you are expecting. As we discussed above, an Instagram bot is effective when it gives more than just features.

3. Conclusion

There are good and the bad Instagram bots, don’t be afraid if someone says bots are fishy and scam. Programmers call it “bot” when they make an autonomous software. It depends on who programmed it and what is the purpose. For a fashion designer ripped jeans is a concept, similarly for a developer “bot” is a concept or an idea that can help people. Don't be afraid if you see a bot, just question its authenticity, and you are ready to use it.
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