Google tweaks its policy with aim to improve ‘app quality’ in Play Store

Google recently announced a few changes to its Play Store app review policy to improve the overall quality of apps in its database. The new guidelines will also improve the app submission process for developers.

Recently, the company also made changes to the SMS and Call Log permissions that would now restrict access to select use cases including when the users have chosen the app as their default messaging app. According to the company, the control policy on SMS and call logs by apps has seen a decrease by more than 98%.

The tech giant also announced that from now onward, it would take more time to review the apps submitted to them for Play Store. This is specifically prevalent for novice developers who should expect some ‘days’ delay in getting their app approved.

This will enable the company to conduct comprehensive checks on the app before they go live and maintain the ‘high quality’ of Google Play Store as well.
"Users want more control and transparency over how their personal information is being used by applications, and expect Android, as the platform, to do more to provide that control and transparency.", announced Sameer Samat, VP of Product Management, Android & Google Play in a blog post. Adding further, "This responsibility to users is something we have always taken seriously, and that’s why we are taking a comprehensive look at how our platform and policies reflect that commitment."
For the developers, Google has announced the following changes:

· More detailed communication

· Improvement in the evaluations and appeal process

· Growing the team for enhanced and more personalized communication

With these changes, the company aims to make the Play Store app review process more transparent for the developers who would be communicated in details regarding the betterment of their apps along with rejections and appeals – if there are any.

The company is also improving their appeal procedure for the developers and complete information of the same is currently available in their Help Center.

Android changes its policies to improve quality of apps in Google Play Store

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