Microsoft Answers the Burning Questions regarding Conversational AI and Voice Technology!

Conversational artificial intelligence (AI) and voice technology have the potential to change the world, for all good reasons. Voice tech can help in making things easier in terms of accessibility and inclusivity. Imagine being able to control the features on desktop or handheld devices via voice search instead of through mouse, keyboard or even touch. It surely sounds intriguing. Similarly, there's something in store for the visually challenged too as Microsoft’s Seeing AI app will help these people in enjoying the Microsoft Experience.

As helping as these new technologies sound, the concern of privacy looms over. In addition to that, the hype surrounding the voice feature is unreal so people are concerned how it will turn out to be.

Long story short, there are several questions regarding these innovations and Microsoft Market Intelligence, along with Bing Ads Marketing, did a proper research and identified the burning questions and users’ feedback about these digital assistants. Here are 3 of those findings:
  1. 8 in every 10 users are satisfied with AI assistants to some extent.
  2. 41 percent of users are concerned about privacy and confidentiality.
  3. More than 50 percent of the respondents believe these digital assistants can be incorporated into retail purchases over the next 5 years.
Starting from the first point, even though the technology is relatively new, users are satisfied with how it has turned out to be. Digital assistants are being used for many simple tasks, but mostly people are using them to look up facts, inquire about directions and search for some kind of product/service. Additionally, the smart speakers are being used for various home management tasks as well as listening to music. However, their applications will soon expand.

New report tackles tough questions on voice and AI

As for the second point, several reports have emerged over the last few years about the violation of privacy on different Internet platforms so whenever a new technology comes by, the concern of trust and privacy is inevitable. With Voice Tech, many respondents are concerned if their data will remain secure using these digital assistants. It is now solely up to the tech builders to build a secure model that will win users’ trust and make them feel secured to share personal information and transactions over the internet using voice commands.

This brings us to the last point. vCommerce (revamping of eCommerce to feature voice) is inevitable, thanks to the ever-evolving tech these days. If vCommerce turns out to be a reality, that will make things quite convenient as users will no longer have to worry about a store’s closing hours or waiting for several minutes in long lines etc.

The future looks quite promising if tech manufacturers make these digital assistants do justice to the hype they have created.
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