How Popular is Voice Search in 2019?

Of course, voice search is a cool feature. Speaking to a machine and getting all the right information from it feels great and pretty darn useful. It has made tech companies proud with the evolution of Google Assistant, Alexa or Siri. But does it really have the kind of potential we are foreseeing?

While you might be in love with voice search, it is still trending downward when it comes to using it as a regular driver to look up for information.

A new study by Stone Temple (a digital marketing agency), has revealed that Voice Search stands at fourth position in the list of most preferred options for performing searches. Around 1,000 people took part in the study, who were asked to pick their top three preferences from all the five options.

"When I need to look up information, I am most likely to …
  1. Use voice search
  2. Type the question into the search window of my phone
  3. Type the question into search engine apps
  4. Open a mobile browser such as Safari or Google Chrome, and type the question
  5. Ask a friend via text or messaging app
The results came out as a surprise.

People were more comfortable with mobile browsers for conducting search as they felt that it gives them more privacy and control over search engine app in second place, and the built-in search window which stood third.

Top 3 choices for performing searches among internet users

This has been a significant drop for voice search this year as in 2018, it was on third spot just below search engine apps and above phone’s search window.

Another interesting statistics showed that in 2019, around 25% of the participants picked voice search as their first choice for conducting searches in the list. However, the result overall was different.

Moreover, nearly 20% of the respondents used voice commands with online search. When asked about the applications that they like to control with voice commands; online search came at 6th position out of 11 choices.

Here voice search lost to more useful options which include making a call, text, getting directions, playing music, or setting reminders. Those who did prefer the online search were mostly women.

All that glitters is not gold every time and if you are interested to see all the 31 data points in Stone Temple’s study on voice usage trends for 2019, then click here.

Photo: Westend61 / Getty Images
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