Facebook Brings Major Updates to 3D Photos

Ever since acquiring Oculus a few years ago, Facebook has started to make some real headway in the world of virtual reality, and they have brought a lot of innovation to the presence of 3D photos on social media as well. Three new announcements are going to show people that 3D photos are headed in a pretty exciting direction on the internet.

The first of these three announcements involves Facebook Stories. Ever since Snapchat launched Stories originally, Facebook has been working on adding the feature to its own platform and offering numerous other features that would work in tandem with it. The latest of these updates is definitely an exciting one. It basically involves you being able to add 3D photos to your stories, something that is going to give you a pretty serious level of enjoyment from that particular feature.

That’s not all either. Facebook will be giving users a cool feature that would allow them to turn two dimensional pictures into three dimensional (3D) ones. There will be two different ways in which users would be able to do this. One way would be by using the Facebook web version (i.e from a laptop/desktop). However, if you prefer to create and upload content on your smartphone, you would be able to do so quite easily by using the Facebook Android and iOS app, but on limited devices.

"We’ve heard you and we’re happy to announce that next month, we’ll begin rolling out the ability to create and share 3D photos on Android, starting with Samsung Galaxy devices with dual cameras or Portrait mode. Supported models will include: Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S9+, Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, and Galaxy Fold.", announced Facebook 360 team in a blog post on Oculus website.

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