Here Are The Most Influential Companies On Social Media Right Now

As soon as you log into the social media world, you feel like standing right in the middle of a virtually designed New York Square, where companies are ready to grab your attention with fancy marketing campaigns. But just like the real world, not every brand ends up receiving the maximum engagement. In fact, with such stiff competition, making an impression on social platforms has become more difficult than ever.

The usage of social media is increasing rapidly and same is expected for the year 2019. While Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, are enjoying every bit of the outreach, it is also high time to determine the social influence of top companies in all the five fastest-growing industries, considering forecasted revenue growth through 2023; Mining, Utilities, Food services and accommodation, Health and social assistance, and Transportation and warehousing.

In order to do so, New York based finance company Fundera comprised the data of all the major companies and analyzed it according to their number of followers on every platform, total tweets and Instagram posts for each company. The research team also included the level of engagement (defined as reactions, comments and shares) on the most recent direct posts spread across all platforms, as a parameter of success.

The overall analysis showed that the most common types of social media posts include features on employees and customers, job postings, and industry-related comments. Older companies, who have been in the market for more than year now, perform better and are carrying their legacy forward. Conversations on mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures seem to be much more popular now as it makes more and more people talk about the brand.

Here is a further breakdown of the report which will give an in-depth review of companies in their respective industries.


Uber being the top choice for consumers in taxi service, stand on top with 24.7 million followers. But with its remarkable innovation and the popularity of company's CEO Elon Musk, Tesla has also been able to compete well and boasts 11 million followers.

This is also largely due to the fact that Uber uses social media for acquiring customers and making them choose their service more by posting limited time deals and promotions. The representatives of the company act more responsibly and respond to customer queries on social platforms, which also result into a better brand image. However, the underlying fact is that among the 24 million followers, 21 million came in through Facebook.
On the other hand, companies like Tesla are aiming for a long term growth, future potential and progress toward milestones. They are well aware of their preposition and their social strategy encapsulates the selling points really well. Although they have 21,000 Facebook followers, but the situation turns upside down with millions of followers on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Founded in 1886, Johnson & Johnson is now known as a synonym to trust and care in the matter of health. They gave another life to their brand image by pairing up with influencers on cutting edge health trends, which also brought them 3.2 Million followers.

Along with that, Anthem- health insurance provider, has 788,000 followers on Facebook and also enjoys a hefty Twitter and LinkedIn following.


3M and ExxonMobil are battling it out here with 7.2 million and 4.8 million followers respectively. 3M is more focused on advertising products and the number of industries these can support while being energy efficient. Whereas, ExxonMobil usually posts about feature employees and announces events.

Food / Accommodation

Of course nothing can beat McDonald's (86 million followers) and Starbucks (67 million followers) for their extraordinary taste and service.

Being on top, McDonald's prefer to engage in good social listening, resolving customer complaints, responding to franchising questions and bringing innovations to their menu based on social posts in every region.

Starbucks is the perfect brand for millennials who love to drink in style. It encourages influencers to create more excitement with their popular drinks, which majority of them mention daily in their stories, and relatable gifs and memes.


Coming to the most important sector - utilities, French company Engie (969,000 followers), and Duke Energy (527,000 followers) are leading the competition. Engie dominates on Facebook with 615,000 out of 969,000 coming from the platform. While Duke Energy plays nice and wise in their social media posts by focusing a lot on renewable energy efforts and how they're helping the local community.

Just like every year, 2019 will also bring ample amount of opportunities for brands to grow their social presence and develop a well thought social media strategy. It all depends on the executives to make the most out of the new waves and stand out among others.

The 30 Most Influential Companies on Social Media in 2019 - infographic

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Featured photo: Konstantin Yuganov / Adobe Stock
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