Two New Mysterious Features Spotted On Facebook by iOS Users

Facebook has been active in bringing new features every now and then. Recently two options in the app have been noticed by some of its users; Digital wallet and Admin Panel.

Social media expert, Matt Navarra spotted these new features after which he Tweeted and asked people if they have been able to see them.

Few of the iOS users were able to spot the ‘Digital Wallet’ button on their Facebook accounts, which according to users did not function properly. It was only showing an endless loading icon.

Facebook is believed to be working on a new currency called Facecoin. However, it is not yet clear whether it will be a type of cryptocurrency, competing with Bitcoin or just a payment option as Apple Card or Apple Pay.

On the other hand, the Admin Panel upon clicking lead users to App Game Center. This has given a hint that Facebook has been planning a lot on its end.

Whereas, the most awaited feature from Facebook right now is the merge of three leading chat platforms; Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp, which will bring revolution in the history of social media world.

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