Facebook is working on a New Format For its Stories Feature

Facebook has been focusing on its Stories feature a lot and this is the reason it is testing a new format in which stories and newsfeed will be combined, in a swipeable and hybrid carousal.

An app researcher, Jane Manchun Wong, who recently uncovered the “Facebook's main app and Chat integration” feature, shared a GIF in a tweet which showed newsfeed of Facebook in a Stories-like carousal.

Currently, Stories can be viewed by scrolling up, at the top of the newsfeed. With the implementation of the new format, instead of scrolling up, users will be required to either swipe left to right or tap on the side. This would not only blur the lines between Stories and Newsfeed but will also give a new way for ads to be placed.

Chief Product Officer at Facebook, Chris Cox sees a lot of potential in the Stories feature and expects that it would be a primary way for people to share their photos/videos on Facebook rather than directly on the newsfeed. The introduction of the new format will certainly accelerate this process, irrespective of whether users are keen to have it or not.

Facebook's spokesperson informed the media outlets that this hybrid Post and Story format is not publicly available, it's a very early stage of prototyping.
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