Facebook Reveals Plan to Move Towards E-Commerce Revenue Streams

Pretty much since its inception, Facebook has offered ads to marketing agencies and brands in exchange for money. This has remained the platforms sole source of revenue for quite some time now, but recent changes have made it clear that the social media platform is attempting to change things up to a certain extent. These changes have come in the form of Facebook creating new platforms upon which products can be advertised and purchased right on the platform, and through its various messaging apps it has started creating payment options as well that are completed controlled and regulated by the social media juggernaut.

Mark Zuckerberg released a statement that revealed that assuming that this is something Facebook will be taking very seriously for earning related purposes will not be taking things in the wrong way at all. Indeed, Facebook is officially moving towards e-commerce as a leading revenue source for its various properties. In the future, Facebook will be offering even more e-commerce related features that are going to move towards a centralized shopping location for people. Facebook will be offering multiple new ways to pay for products thus allowing users to have a complete experience through a singular source rather than having to go through multiple sources all in all.

This will position Facebook to be a competitor to Amazon, and it seems like the social media platform might just be taking on pretty much every single tech giant out there in a bid for absolute supremacy over the internet all in all.

Photo: Marlene Awaad/Bloomberg via Getty Images

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