Facebook Wants You To Use Stories Format, By All Means

The culture of stories is on the rise in social media world. It has been able to attract millennials more than any other posts as it provides users the opportunity to share a lot of things every day instead of waiting for the picture perfect moment all the time. Facebook has a similar opinion on this and therefore, it wants you to use Facebook Stories more often.

Facebook believes that news feed today has evolved into stories. Users prefer to connect with their audience on a more personal level and stories are fulfilling their demand in which they can share real time updates with their friends or fans. While it has a great potential to grow engagement, Facebook is constantly pushing a message of ‘using stories’ with glimpses of it right in the middle of your newsfeed.

A recent example has been shared by Chris Messina on Twitter and as per his observation, almost every fifth item in his Facebook newsfeed was a Stories block. More importantly, there is another variation making rounds that Page Stories specifically are getting more promotion. Is that Facebook’s another move to increase engagement for businesses?

Facebook is trying hard to push Stories in users feed

The executives of the social media giant claim that today there are more than a billion daily active Stories users divided into different formats; Facebook and Messenger (300 million daily active users), Instagram (500 million) and WhatsApp (450 million).

But on the other hand, Stories just feel odd to many users on Facebook as they are less likely to engage with ephemeral visuals after using Facebook for years. For older users, Facebook has become their daily driver to know what’s happening around the world and they still prefer to see more detailed updates (in the form of video, text and pictures).

Nevertheless, Facebook's intention is pretty clear with Stories. Mark Zuckerberg and his team have also decided to add a new Stories Archive option for Facebook business Pages, which can now be seen on the back-end panel.

However, Facebook is still trying to figure out ways for Stories monetization, as the company wants to make sure that it replicates the success of newsfeed and becomes an effective ad delivery service.

The way Facebook has been struggling for a while with all the privacy related issues and decline in the overall usage, Stories can turn out to be a great move to engage the platform's 2.3 billion users, if done in the right way.

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